SHI = Re-energise SEI = Life DO = House

“Praise the virtues of the earth, which nurtures new life and brings forth significant values” is how Shiseido’s name and philosophy can best be translated. And thus the holistic approach of the Japanese luxury brand, which is one of the oldest and most renowned cosmetics manufacturers in the world, also becomes clear.

Its aim is to promote harmony between body and mind, thereby achieving an overall sense of well-being. To this end, the company, founded in Tokyo in 1872, focuses on the unique symbiosis between state-of-the-art technology and the tradition of knowledge originating in the Far East.

Shiseido Flash treatment

Express treatment

This short treatment boosts the skin’s own defence mechanisms, protects against environmental influences and eliminates stress.
Cleansing, vapozone, intensive cleansing with foam, lotion, express mask, day skincare
TIP: combine this express treatment with a body wrap!

Shiseido Flash treatment (45 min.) €100.00

Skin perfection treatment

For every skin type

SHISEIDO comprises several care lines, each adapted to a specific skin type. Our experienced beauticians will guide you in achieving optimal results.

Cleansing, vapozone, intensive cleansing, lotion, eyebrow shaping, mask, facial massage, eye and day skincare
TIP: Immediately book extras such as eyelash and/or eyebrow tinting!

Skin perfection treatment (60 min.) €120.00

Ultimate radiance treatment
From the bio-performance line

Radiant & glowing

This treatment gives the skin tone an even complexion and refreshes the skin quickly and visibly.
Cleansing, vapozone, intensive cleansing, exfoliating scrub, lotion, eyebrow shaping, RX massage, alginate mask, Glow Revival serum, eye and day skincare

Ultimate radiance treatment – from the bio-performance line (90 min.) €159.00

Future solution LX facial ceremony YUTAKA treatment

Pure luxury to combat signs of ageing

The future of limitless beauty thanks to SHISEIDO’s award-winning Premium line Future Solution LX, which optimises the beauty of your skin and combats signs of ageing.
Cleansing, vapozone, intensive cleansing, lotion, eyebrow shaping, mask, massage with rose, plum and cherry blossom cream, head, hand and foot massage

Future solution LX facial ceremony YUTAKA treatment (120 min.) €219.00

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