At La Butte aux Bois, sustainability and environmental awareness are at the heart of everything we do. We are proud of the initiatives we have taken to reduce our impact on the planet and promote a greener future. Here we would like to show you how we are committed to a sustainable world.

Less waste
One of our main goals is to reduce waste. We strive to reduce waste by carefully handling raw materials and products.

Honey from own bees
We like to do our part for biodiversity, which is why we installed our own beehives. Our bees not only help pollinate flowers and plants in the area, but also produce delicious, local honey, our own "Le Miel du Ciel." In this way we support nature and offer our guests a pure and honest product.

Flower garden
Our flower garden is more than a beautiful addition to our grounds; it is a living ecosystem that contributes to the health of bees, butterflies and other insects. We chose a diversity of native flowers and plants to create the richest possible possible habitat.

Herb garden
In addition to our flower garden, we have also established a herb garden, here we grow a variety of spices we use in our kitchens. Freshly picked herbs not only add flavor to our dishes, but also contribute to our "farm to table" philosophy.

Farm to table
We believe in the power of local and fresh produce, which is why we work according to the "farm to table" principle. We provide our ingredients from local farmers whenever possible and producers. This provides fresh, seasonal dishes that are not only delicious, but also support the local community and reduce the carbon footprint.

Non processed food
Our dishes are prepared with fresh, natural ingredients with no added artificial substances, this ensures pure flavors and healthy meals that are good for both human and environmental.

boxed water

Cleaning without chemicals
Cleaning does not have to come at the expense of the environment. We use environmentally friendly cleaning methods and products that are free of harmful chemicals. This ensures a healthy living and working environment for our employees and visitors, without burdening the earth.

Tetra water bottles
Plastic waste is a major problem worldwide. Therefore, we decided to switch to tetra water bottles. These bottles are fully recyclable and reduce our dependence on plastic significantly.

Wooden key tags
We replaced the traditional plastic key cards with a durable wooden alternative. These cards are not only more environmentally friendly, but also add a warm and natural touch to our guests' experience.

Large vials in the rooms
To reduce the use of plastic, we offer in our rooms large vials of shampoo, conditioner and body wash to replace the usual small plastic bottles.

90% of our lighting fixtures are LED luminaires. LED lighting consumes significantly less power, reducing CO2 emissions.

Join us!
Sustainability is a joint effort. We invite you to join us in living consciously(er) and choosing a greener future. Through small changes in our daily lives, together we can make a big difference!

At La Butte aux Bois, we believe that every step counts. Together, we are building a sustainable future for all of us.